20 January 2010

EMMON project 1st Steering Committee meeting

EMMON 1st Steering Committee meeting was held on Jan 20th 2010. The Steering Committee (also known as the Board) is a management entity responsible for the strategy and overall monitoring of project progress, objectives and results achievement evaluation towards the ARTEMIS JU.

The Steering Committee main goals are to:

  • Monitor technical objectives achievement (and its relevance within the FP7 ICT programme) and the technical description of work;
  • Take decision on project strategy and direction;
  • Approve any significant updates to the work plan and approval of technical alternatives;
  • Suggest countermeasures for significant deviations of the work plan, organise meetings to address and plan these issues, should they arise;
  • Take decisions on issues referred to by the TSG and/or PMT;
  • Monitor and report on any issues raised by the GA;
  • Review project risk register and approve mitigation actions;
  • Conflict resolution within the consortium;
  • Proposing to the General Assembly the plan for using and disseminating the Foreground
  • Evaluating opportunities for co-operation with other projects and proposing to the GA;
  • Proposing to the General Assembly procedures and tools for the marking and handling of information exchanged between Parties