Public deliverables

Updated on 19.09.2012

DL ID Name Document reference Link to download
D2.1 Project web site -
D2.6 End-User Interest Group

End-User Interest Group Report

FP7-JU-EMMON-2011-DL-WP2-009-D2.6 download
D2.7 Future Applications Report

Report about future applications of EMMON

FP7-JU-EMMON-2011-DL-WP2-013-D2.7 download
D3.1 Operational Requirements

Operational requirements consolidated from end-users input and opinions

FP7-JU-EMMON-2009-DL-WP3-020-D3.1 download
D3.2 EMMON Functionalities Specification

Specification of the main common functionalities of EMMON from end-users perspectives

FP7-JU-EMMON-2009-DL-WP3-027-D3.2 download
D3.3 Previous Research and Studies

Document with description research and studies performed before the project, that are considered relevant for the end-user scenarios

FP7-JU-EMMON-2009-DL-WP3-028-D3.3 download
D4.1 Problems to Address

Study: document with collected, analysed and classified problems to address in this project

FP7-JU-EMMON-2009-DL-WP4-001-D4.1 download
D4.2 Evaluation of Possible Solutions

Evaluation of possible solutions, concepts for new communication methods

FP7-JU-EMMON-2010-DL-WP4-002-D4.2 download
D4.5 Comunication protocol

Specification of multilevel communication protocol

P7-JU-EMMON-2010-DL-WP4-005-D4.5 download
D7.1 Software Requirements

Software Requirements Specification Document

P7-JU-EMMON-2010-DL-WP7-003-D7.1 download
D7.11 Network Planning and Analysis

Network Planning and Analysis Toolset

FP7-JU-EMMON-2011-DL-WP7-014-D7.11 download
D8.6 Full system validation test plan and report.

A report on full system validation test.

FP7-JU-EMMON-2011-DL-WP8-023-D8.6 download
White Paper

Project white paper

FP7-JU-EMMON-2012-DL-WP8-027-EMMON-white-paper download