March 2012 - EMMON project has been presented in the Artemis track at the Embedded World Conference 2012 in Nuremberg on Feb. 28th, 29th and March 1st

February 2012 - EMMON project technical meeting

February 2012 - Interview with Mr Pedro Braga at the time when he was Technical Manager for the EMMON project

November 2011 - EMMON results presented at top-notch scientific events

September 2011 - EMMON project entering its final period

August 2011 - EMMON project has been selected for a stand at a special part of the project exhibition at the ARTEMIS Co-Summit 2011 event in Helsinki on 25th and 26th October

July 2011 - EMMON project consortium meets in Greece to discuss next steps

April 2011 - First EMMON end-user deployment at SANJOTEC kicks-off

March 2011 - EMMON presented at the "Safe Luggage" project Final Public Demonstration in Oporto Airport

March 2011 - EMMON presented at CNRS 2011, the 1st Portuguese Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks

February 2011 - What if buildings could autonomously react to climatic changes? - Project press release

January 2011 - EMMON project consortium meets to discuss next steps after successful demonstration of DEMMON1

December 2010 - EMMON project to present the first integrated system prototype demonstrator

October 2010 - EMMON project participates in the ARTEMIS & ITEA Co-summit 2010

June 2010 - EMMON project post-review general meeting in Birmingham

May 2010 - EMMON project review meeting in Brussels

March 2010 - EMMON project general meeting in San Sebastian

March 2010 - EMMON project 2nd Steering Committee meeting

January 2010 - EMMON project establishes the Scientific Advisory Committee group and kicks off activities

January 2010 - EMMON project 1st Steering Committee meeting

October 2009 - EMMON Publishes List of Public Deliverables

October 2009 - EMMON project presents at the ARTEMIS Autumn Event

October 2009 - EMMON presentation at the Wireless Sensor Networks and Cooperating Objects (WSN&CO) Concertation Meeting, Brussels, October 8th

September 2009 - EMMON project establishes the End User Committee

September 2009 - WP4/WP6 meeting in Dublin

August 2009 - EMMON project will participate in the ARTEMIS JU Autumn Event in 29-30th October 2009

May 2009 - EMMON project has published a full article in the May 2009 edition of the Portuguese Journal "Įgua e Ambiente"

March 2009 - European Consortium Develops System Aiming at Improving the Living Conditions of the Population