21 March 2011

EMMON presented at the "Safe Luggage" project Final Public Demonstration in Oporto Airport

EMMON project showcased a small, standalone, fully-functional demonstrator at the "Safe Luggage" project's Final Demonstration Event. The demonstrator, although tiny, was a functional and complete demonstrator composed by a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) of five motes and other system components: three end-devices, one router, one gateway, one C&C Server and a C&C Client. The "Safe Luggage" project ( ) is Portuguese R&D project, co-funded by the national QREN Program, which aims at developing an intelligent and safe luggage, comprising a set of technologies (RFID, WSN and GPS/GSM) for identification, localization, monitoring and tracking worldwide. The event took place at Oporto Airport, Portugal, on February 28th 2011. Critical Software as one of the “Safe Luggage” consortium partners facilitated the presence of EMMON due to it’s relation with the Wireless Sensor Network domain.

The EMMON demonstration was performed by Pedro Braga, Technical Manager of EMMON. It was possible to monitor the temperature, light and humidity of the site. The motes were programmed with correct geographical location (World Geodetic Coordinates), which made the monitoring area appearing on the C&C exactly on the demonstration location - Oporto Airport. The EMMON booth welcomed Mr Lino Fernandes, the president of "Agencia de Inovação", the Portuguese Innovation Agency. He had the opportunity to understand better EMMON's technology and the opportunity to discuss possible applicability of it.