October 2009

EMMON project presents at the ARTEMIS Autumn Event

In an event facilitated by the ARTEMISIA Association and together with all other twelve ARTEMIS JU Call 2008 projects, EMMON was represented in the ARTEMIS Autumn Event held in Madrid last 29th and 30th October 2009. The event was part of the Co-summit 2009 together with ITEA2.

Mr. Pedro Braga from Critical Software delivered a presentation at the EMMON booth to public authorities and raised awareness about the project towards the media, experts, public authorities and other event participants. During the event, valuable contacts were established with other projects - including ITEA2 projects - working in WSN related areas. The positioning held by EMMON relating to these other projects was completely open to collaboration. EMMON showed interest in the outcomes of the running projects and is keen to present its own results as well. This was reciprocated by other projects and foundations for future collaboration were established. The Web forum created at the EMMON web site will be one of the tools to foster these collaborations. Examples of projects contacted by EMMON at the event are as follows:

Project leaflet
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