September 2009

EMMON project establishes the End User Committee

EMMON is pleased to announce the creation of the End User Committee (EUC): a consultative project body responsible for assuring that end-user objectives and requirements are identified, addressed, and achieved by the EMMON technical and research committees. Members of the EUC are key to project success and play an active role in the project. The benefits to the EUC members are:

  • Participating in and contributing to advanced technological research in the wireless embedded systems domain;
  • Contributing to technology for solving the End User problems and concerns (requirements, feedback, new features, suggestions, etc);
  • Gaining valuable visibility and exposure in European Research Area, International Conferences and Journals;
  • Fosterring future partnerships and collaboration with EMMON partners;
  • Staying up-to-date with most recent and latest state of the art of research in the field.
The EUC is composed of ten (10) representatives and eight (8) organizations and public authorities, ranging from forest fires and civil protection, to marine and water management domains.