5 April 2011

First EMMON end-user deployment at SANJOTEC kicks-off

EMMON project ( kicked-off - on April 5th 2011 - a real world deployment at a real end-user site in order to test DEMMON1 results in a real world environment. The goal is again to test that the technology works, but now outside of laboratory conditions and that EMMON architecture is suitable and applicable to other operational scenarios, such as indoor environments.

The collaboration between Critical Software and SJM-ILLS S. Joćo da Madeira Industrial Living Lab, a local initiative focused on innovation providing end users a user-driven Living Lab experience, turned possible to test the solution at SANJOTEC, the new Science & Technology Park of S. Joćo da Madeira (, located approximately 15km from Porto, Portugal, which aims is to support technically

and scientifically the local and regional enterprise community, through the diffusion of an innovation culture and the encouragement of enterprising projects of technological basis.

In the first stage, a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) with around twenty nodes is to be deployed, measuring temperature, humidity and light with permanent Internet connectivity and encompassing all EMMON system components. This will allow to monitor the site remotely and perform first real world validation, allowing to gather valuable inputs regarding nodes network connectivity and coverage, operational constraints, reliability issues, sensor placement, etc. If this initial field test is successful, EMMON expects to expand the network to completely cover SANJOTEC facilities up to hundreds of nodes.

EMMON team members working on deployment

Deployed sensor node