07 September 2011

EMMON project entering its final period

As EMMON project enters its final six months, several key objectives are planed to be delivered and achieved within this period.

It is planned to create DEMMON2, a second generation EMMON Wireless Sensor Network.

It is also planned to showcase in DEMMON2, a real software integration between EMMON feeding SAUTER platform with read-only data from sensors.

The goal is to involve SAUTER as domain expert to help make an effective monitoring application at SANJOTEC, secondly to prove that EMMON can fit SAUTER Smart Building platform solutions, thus creating exploitation route and magnifying DEMMON2 impact.

The intention is for having a dedicated SAUTER GUI application/server placed at SANJOTEC facilities, on DEMMON2 demonstrator, receiving data and providing extra functionalities.

Scalability property of DEMMON2 will be shown with:

  • Command & Control visualization of 400 real nodes and 9600 virtual nodes/patches, summing up 10K nodes on the screen;
  • Similarly to DEMMON1, a storyboard will be created that shows network being turned on/being activated, and at the same time monitoring relevant scalability metrics, and showing that the metrics do not degrade as the network size increases up to 10K.