Akting Ingeniaritza S.L.

AKTING ENGINEERING was born in 2007 in San Sebastian Technology Park in Spain -Basque Country-. AKTING is a Telecommunication Engineering Company that designs, develops and deploys communication systems to optimize the production of a company or organization. The company is located in San Sebastian Technology Park since 2007.

The mobile technology is what AKTING promotes for its engineering solutions. The mission is to offer value-added services for citizens and improve their life quality. The clients of the company are public and private companies that offer services to citizens.

The company have three strategic lines: Great Commerce Applications, Multimedia Mobile Tools and General Engineering Projects.

Lately AKTING has been invloved in two sensor network projects: Wireless Sensor Network for intravenous Dripping System and In-Bed Patients behaviour monitorig system. EMMON is the first European project.


This project has been supported by European Regional Development Fund and Industry, Tourism and Commerce Ministry of Spain inside of the National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011.