Critical Software Technologies Ltd

Critical Software Technologies Ltd commenced trading in 2006 and is the rapidly expanding UK subsidiary of Critical Software SA. The UK company designs, develops, tests, validates and assures software for mission and business critical information systems across the Defence, Aerospace and Transportation markets. Critical delivers timely and cost effective quality and innovation and has a track record of on-time, on-budget and on-quality projects successfully implementing new technologies and products worldwide.

Critical Software Technologies supports prime contractors and system integrators such as

AgustaWestland, BAE SYSTEMS, GE Aviation, EDS and Airbus with services ranging from Systems for supporting Availability Based Contracts to the development of Systems for end-to-end data and knowledge management. Areas of expertise include: avionics software engineering, ILS, C2 systems, GIS-related surveillance systems, system modelling, safety hazard analyses and software V&V. Critical takes a whole life cycle approach to all activities designing for legacy integration, maintenance, upgrade and support during design, development and integration phases.