SESM S.c.a.r.l.

SESM is a private research centre participated by “SELEX Sistemi Integrati” and “Galileo Avionica”, working in the development and management of mission and safety critical systems, in several application domains, from Air Traffic control and management, to homeland security and defence. As well as their owners, SESM is part of “Finmeccanica Group”. To serve FINMECCANICA needs in all these domains

SESM has strict relationships with several other Finmeccanica affiliated companies, such as MBDA, as well as with several Italian universities in the framework of some R&D projects. Within the Finmeccanica R&D and business plans, SESM plays a key role in the evaluation of third-party tools to be integrated into the Finmeccanica solutions, which are generally made up of a solid net-centric infrastructure, multiple sensors, and of command and control modulesin charge of enabling interoperability and communications among systems, subsystems, equipment and platforms.

Hence, SESM has a long and consolidated experience into the evaluation and selection of OTS items, as well as on the customization of already existing software modules to fit company needs and application requirements. Following the proposed changes to existing OTS items, SESM takes also care to bring them to international advisory groups for standardization.

SESM has a strong and consolidated experience into dependability evaluation and modelling, as well as on fault toelrance mechanisms and techniques implementation, which will be crucial for achieving the EMMON objectives in the framework of WP6. The industrial partnerships of SESM in the field of embedded systems will be the key for the exploitation of EMMON results. Actually, SESM is an active member of ARTEMISIA and it is currently leading a FP7 coordinated support action to promote the usage of OSS in the embedded system industry.