Distributed Systems Group, Trinity College Dublin

Established in 1981, the Distributed Systems Group (DSG) is both the longest standing and largest research group in the Department of Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin. DSG conducts basic and applied research into all aspects of distributed computing extending from the theoretical foundations underpinning the field to system engineering issues. Our expertise is in the areas of middleware, ubiquitous computing, mobile computing and software engineering.

DSG’s research on Wireless Sensors and Actor Networks (WSANs) focuses on developing a middleware architecture for WSANs based on the Sentient Object model [Cahill03]. This will make the development of software for WSANs “ridiculously” easy, putting the domain expert at the centre of the process instead of the software developer. We are developing a component framework to simplify development of sensing,

decision-making and actuating applications in sensor networks, as well as doing research in programming language support for large-scale distributed systems of WSANs.

To cater for the wide-range of application requirements of WSANs applications, we are also investigating both sensor networking with delay tolerance, and scheduling algorithms for medium access control protocols that provide QoS guarantees in wireless networks.

[Cahill03] Vinny Cahill and Gregory Biegel, "Sentient Objects for Context Aware Business Process Management", Proceedings of the SAP Innovation Congress, Miami, Florida, USA, Feb 2003.


This work was supported, in part, by Enterprise Ireland, the National Development Plan (Ireland) and the European Union